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This recipe is a lot of work, but well worth it & can be used for any fresh fruit. You will enjoy this recipe all year long. Use brandied fruit to top anything from roast turkey to ice cream, pies, plain yogurt etc… The brandy is delicious sipped all by itself or with the fruit. Individual jars can be given as gifts to special friends. Make sure you boil all jars, seal caps & lids for ten minutes before you start. Remember: July & August are Peach months…
Brandied Peaches... :)
This Recipe is for one wide mouth mason quart jar
1 heaping tsp. sugar or sugar substitute, Splenda
1/8 - teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/8 - teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 whole cloves, per jar
1/2 cup 80-proof brandy (I use Christian Brothers Brandy because it’s a good quality), or as much brandy as needed to fill jars 1/2 inch from top - approximately 60-ounces of brandy per case of peaces.
What to do & How to do it:

1. In a very Large Caldron, (boil pot), cut an X on the rounded end of the peach, then, place each peach in boiling water for three-minute. Take out of boiling water and place in cold water. Skins will pull right off. Set aside.
2. Put sugar, cinnamon, vanilla & the one whole clove in each jar. Swish around to dissolve the sugar, vanilla, cinnamon & cloves.
3. Cut open each peach, after skins are off & cooled, & remove seed. Slice in medium wedges and pack wedged slices into the sterilized quart wide-mouth mason jars to within a one-inch of the top. Pour in brandy to cover peaches. Leave a half inch space, from top of packed jars. Stir or use a butter knife to get any air pockets out. Wipe around top of jar, to clean.
4. Seal and turn upside down. Check for leaks & mix up at the same time.
5. Boil the sealed jars, right side up, for 20-minutes. I boil twelve jars at a time. If you’re above 2,000 feet add ten more minutes.
6. Let Cool completely. Turn upside down a few times to mix ingredients.
7. Store right side up in a cool, dark place, no refrigeration, for three months & up to one year. Will last up to two years refrigerated. The longer you store them the better they get. Smaller jars can be used, or a stone crock.
Additional Note: Peaches are like bananas, they will ripen if left at room temperature. One case of fresh freestone peaches makes approximately; one-dozen quart jars of brandied peaches. Approximately 3-1/2 large peaches per jar. Don’t let the peaches turn brown; Cut out any brown spots. You must use the peaches at the peak of ripeness. Under ripe and they will be hard. Over ripe, (brown) and they will turn black or dark brown in the jars. Ripeness is the key.

Servings: 12-Qt. Mason Jars

Nutritional information per serving

No nutrition information available

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