For people with gluten allergies finding a 'crust' that will work in recipes and one that is fast for the work week can be frustrating... using gluten free hashbrowns in this recipe makes having a food allergy just a little bit easier.. having Cuisinart products to help assemble them even makes it fun. :)




1 package southern style gluten free hashbrowns - health food stores 6 eggs 1 vine ripened tomato 1 teaspoon fresh pressed garlic clove 8 fresh basil leaves finely sliced into ribbons ½ cup tofutti soy sour cream ½ package almond mozzarella cheese cubed into ¼" pieces 1 tablespoon rice flour one 8-9 inch pie plate

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Defrost hashbrowns in a large bowl and lightly coat with olive oil and sea salt - black pepper to taste Press into pie plate and pre bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until the hashbrowns are held together when touched lightly with a fork using your Cuisinart blender add eggs, garlic, tofutti soy sour cream and blend on puree until mixed pour into slightly cooled pie dish over the hashbrowns. Dust the almond cheese pieces with the rice flour and add to egg mixture trying to get pieces evenly distributed throughout the egg mixture; add the ribboned basil and evenly distribute it over the egg mixture; slice the tomato into six slices and place on top of the basil, if the tomato is small you may want to use two tomatoes to cover the top of the egg mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for thirty minutes or until egg mixture is set depending on the heat of your oven. Serve warm