Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl

Cuisinart original

Function: Oats


Makes 4 servings


2 cups cooked steel-cut oats, warm

¼ cup seedless raspberry jam

¼ cup plain Greek yogurt (any fat variety)

½ cup fresh raspberries

¼ cup chopped pecans

1 teaspoon chia seeds

Nutritional information

Nutritional Information per serving: 

Calories 271 (26% from fat) • carb. 44g • pro. 8g

fat 8g • sat. fat 1g • chol. 0mg • sod. 16mg

calc. 39mg • fiber 6g


1. Divide the oatmeal among four serving bowls.  Stir in an even amount of raspberry jam and yogurt to each bowl. Top with the fresh raspberries, pecans, and chia seeds.