Matt's Scrambled Eggs

Delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs with the added essence of Parmesan cheese.


4 to 6


12 Fresh Eggs ½ cup of Low fat Sour Cream ¼ cup freshly ground Parmesan Cheese ½ Tsp Kosher salt ½ Tsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper 2 Tbs of Virgin Olive oil (use during cooking) )optional) Garnish of Fresh, Finely Chopped Thyme

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


In a large mixing bowl, combine ingredients 1 through 5 Mix thoroughly with a Cuisinart Immersion Blender until mixture become slightly fluffy. Add Virgin Olive Oil to non-stick skillet. Heat on medium prior to adding the egg mixture. Cook thoroughly. Continually turn to make sure the entire egg mixture is cooked. Serve immediately, adding optional Thyme garnish. Enjoy!