Gas station beef, bean and cheese burrito

If you ever had a frozen microwavable gas station burrito this is it. These are the burritos that everybody likes. Construction people, students, doctors and truck drivers eat every day. This burrito makes the world go around. Just warm it up in the microwave and eat, or leave it frozen. Toss it on your engine block when you get to work breakfast is done (triple wrapped of course). Put it on your dashboard in the sun and there is lunch. Put it in the oven put chopped lettuce and tomato guacamole on the top some grated cheese and dinner is served. You can even deep fry them and make chimichangas. Just keep in mind these are homemade and there are no preservatives in there. So the above warming methods are only ideas of what people have done and lived to tell me about. But I only myself use the microwave, deep fry and the oven methods.


5 to 15 or more


3 pounds of homemade or store bought ground beef. 2 to 3 cans of refried beans 1 small tub of sour cream (drain the water off the top) ½ pound of cheese that melts clean. 1 small onion chopped 4 cloves garlic chopped 1 small jar of jalapeno cheese dip. 5 to 20 flour tortilla shells 2 packs of taco seasons. Hot sauce to taste (not tobassco) 2 beef bullion cubes 2 tablespoons flour 1 new 1-inch paintbrush or BBQ brush

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Slightly freeze some cheaper but yet tender steak until flexible but hard. Cut into cubes and chop it up in your Cuisinart food processor or use it raw and grind it up in your Cuisinart stand mixer with the meat grinder attachment. Anyway your making fresh ground hamburger that is as lean as you need it to be for your diet. Place chopped onion and garlic and meat into an oiled hot pan and fry until brown and drain completely if you like. Return meat to pan and add a small amount of water to de-glaze the pan. Follow directions on back of the Taco season packet (add 2 beef bullion cubes with the taco season) and finish cooking the meat. Once meat is done you can stop and make tacos or keep going for best burrito you ever made. With the meat on medium heat add the refried beans (the amount of beans is up to you. Whether you like it beanier or beefier0. Cheese again is up to you. Just add the cheese that you like but pick a cheese that melts with out turning into an oily mess. Once you have a nice brown blob add the small tub of sour cream and small jar of jalapeno cheese dip. The pan should be on low heat by this time. Let the blob simmer stirring to keep it from sticking to the pan. I like using a wooden flat edge spoon to really scrape and turn over the beans. Remove from heat let cool place in a container with a lid. Place it refrigerator over night or until the mixture/filling becomes firm. With filling firm we are ready to make burritos. Mix the flour with half cup water until you have thin watery glue and set aside. In a large skillet (I like cast iron) on medium high to high with no oil place one flour tortilla shell in skillet until warm, toasted and soft. Flip the shell until it gets warm, toasted and soft and in most cases it will start to get bubbles in the shell. Just poke them with a fork if they get bigger then a half-inch. Keep in mind they will go away as soon as you remove it from the heat and place them on plate lined with paper towels. Keep the shells warm but not in the oven just put a bread towel over them. Place filling on edge of the shell, mixes up the flour glue with the brush paint the edges of the shell. Flip up the sides and roll one time. Paint again and roll it up. That one 20 to go. Now take the warmed shell clod filling burrito place in a piece of tin foil wrap it up. Do maybe five at time place them in a zip top bag and freeze. To eat remove from foil roll it up in a paper towel place on a plate. Microwave on high for 1.5 to 2.5 min. or until done and not blown out the sides. Cooking the filling is a good job for adults but making the burrito is fun for the whole family to make. Have one person making the shells one adding the filling and rolling and wrapping the foil and bagging.