Cuisinart original

The Cuisinart® Multicooker really can do it all. Be sure to have potholders on hand when
inverting the frittata onto a serving plate.


Makes 6 servings


1    tablespoon olive oil
¼    to ½ medium leek, thinly sliced
¼    teaspoon kosher salt, divided
       pinch freshly ground black pepper
8     large eggs
½    cup milk (any fat variety)
       nonstick cooking spray
½    cup shredded cheese
1     tablespoon thinly sliced chives

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving:
Calories 164 (64% from fat) • carb. 4g • pro. 6g  fat 12g • sat. fat 4g • chol. 257mg • sod. 252mg calc. 113mg • fiber 0g


1. Put the olive oil in the cooking pot of the
Cuisinart® Multicooker. Select Sauté/Brown.
Set the temperature to Low, the time for 5
minutes, and press Start.
2. Once the unit is preheated and the oil is hot,
add the leek with a pinch each of the salt and
pepper. Sauté until the leek is softened, but
does not pick up any color. Remove and cool
3. Put the eggs, milk, and remaining salt into a
large mixing bowl. Whisk until combined.
4. Lightly coat a round ceramic baking/
casserole dish, no larger than 7 inches in
diameter, with the nonstick cooking spray.
Add the egg mixture and then stir in the
sautéed leek. Top with the cheese and
chives. Cover with aluminum foil that has also
been coated with nonstick cooking spray.
5. Put the rack into the cooking pot of the
Cuisinart® Multicooker with 2 cups of water.
Cut a piece of aluminum foil that is about 24
inches long. Fold in half lengthwise, then fold
in half again two more times to create a strip
about 24 inches in length and 2 inches wide
to make a cradle.
6. Put the filled baking dish in the center of the
foil strip and then carefully lift, and transfer to
the rack in the cooking pot.
7. Secure the lid and select Custom. Set the
pressure to Low, the time for 10 minutes,
and press Start.
8. Once the tone sounds, press the Steam
Release button to quickly release pressure.
9. When pressure is completely released,
carefully open lid and, using potholders,
lift the foil cradle and casserole out of the
cooking pot. Uncover and invert frittata onto
a serving plate and serve immediately.