Easy Sunday Morning Egg White Skillet Meal

Submitted by Rache
Submitted by Rache


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3-6 Egg Whites Depends on how many you want to feed Trader Joes Organic Frozen Spinach Leaves or Another Minimally Processed brand Fresh Portabella Mushrooms Soy Cheddar, American, or Provolone Cheese Frontier Garlic Granules 1 Orange Sweet Bell Pepper 1 Yellow Sweet Bell Pepper Fresh Chives Olive Oil Cooking Spray

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Spray a non-stick omelete pan which is oven safe. Pour egg whites into pre-sprayed pan and set, then add in some chives, sprinkle garlic powder or granules, add spinach which has been cooked and drained, add in the mushrooms that have been steamed in the microwave, add in peppers that have been steamed in the microwave add soy cheese and cook slightly. Finish off in the oven at 375-400 for a few minutes.