Easy Egg Bake

This recipe I made up for times when my college kids came home for Holidays. They sleep late and wake up starving. Some don't eat meat products so I serve a small sliced Ham on the side and a large fresh fruit salad. Maybe some scones or cinnamon coffee cake. They now beg me to make this whenever they are home.


8-10 servings


6 large eggs 8 oz of Egg Beaters any flavor you like 8 oz of small curd cottage cheese 2 cups of shredded low fat cheddar salt and pepper to season 12 Hash browns ¼ cp. chopped green onions

Nutritional information

I try to decrease the fat by using low fat products ie the cheese and using Egg Beaters for ½ the eggs


Pre-heat oven to 375o Put Hash browns on a cookie sheet that has some spray like Pam on it. Heat hash browns until browned and crispy. approx 12-14min. After mixing all the other ingredients together in a large bowl, including the green onions, place heated potatoes in a large baking dish side by side. Then pour the eggs and cheese mixture over potatoes.now bake @375o for about 40min. Test to see if it is set and not liquid. Let stand 5min then slice and serve.