Bacon Breakfast Cups

Breakfast in a bacon cup Submitted by Bacon Breakfast Cups
Breakfast in a bacon cup Submitted by Bacon Breakfast Cups
Bacon is formed into cups and filled with hash browns, scrambled eggs and cheese for a delicious blend of breakfast favorites.




6 eggs ⅛ cup milk 2 tablespoon butter 12 slices bacon 6 oz shredded potatoes, or frozen hash browns 1 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend (or just shredded cheddar if preferred) green onion- chopped (optional) parsley- chopped for garnish salt and pepper to taste

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Cut each piece of bacon in half lengthwise, then cut width in half-creating four strips. Flip a mini muffin pan over and lay four strips of bacon over the outside muffin bumps, forming an asterisk type pattern with the bacon strips. Do this with all 12 pieces of bacon. Stack another mini muffin pan facing the same way on top of the bacon covered pan, causing it to sandwich the bacon in between the two pans (this will help to shape your bacon cups while cooking). Place the stacked muffin pans under a broiler, and broil until bacon is crispy, approx 15 minutes. Set aside to cool. Meanwhile, heat a skillet, and melt 2 tablespoon butter and cook the potatoes until crispy, approx 15 min. salt and pepper to taste. Scramble the eggs and milk in a bowl. In a skillet, melt 2 tablespoon butter, and cook the eggs, stirring until thick, but still moist. Salt and pepper to taste. Flip the muffin pans right side up and remove upper pan, leaving the crispy bacon cups in the bottom pan. They should be right side up. While still in the muffin pan, dab any excess bacon drippings from bottom of each bacon cup with a paper towel. Fill the bacon cup with a spoon of hashbrowns, a spoon of scrambled eggs, and top with a sprinkle of the shredded cheese. Place pan under broiler for 2-3 minutes for the cheese to melt. Allow to cool slightly, then carefully remove each bacon cup from the muffin pan, and serve. Sprinkle each with a pinch of green onion if desired. This recipe may sound complicated, but after you do the steps once, you'll see just how simple these are to make. Yield: serves 6