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Fruit Topped Farro Porridge with Almond Milk

Healthy way to have a warm, chewy and fruity breakfast. The almond milk is absorbed into the farro, like a sweet risotto, but with much less stirring."


1 cup Farro (semi-perlatto)
2 1/2 cups (approx.)Almond Milk
Handful of Dried Cranberries
Fresh Fruit slices such as banana,raspberries, cherries (frozen are fine, defrost and use juice too)
Almond Slivers (if desired)


Heat almond milk in a enamel saucepan until it starts to boil, add farro and lower heat. Stir occasionally for 20-25 minutes allowing it to simmer until liquid is absorbed and the farro is soft but still with a little bite, if too dry and sticking to the pan before then add a little more milk and continue stirring. Add dried cranberries and remove from flame.
Place servings in low bowls and top with sliced fruit and almonds.

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