Sourdough Garlic breadsticks

Sourdough breadsticks with garlic and cheddar.




Sourdough/Garlic bread sticks For the sponge ⅓ Cup starter 1 Cup bread flour ¾ Cup milk Mix well Dough 4 Cups bread flour (about) 1 Cup milk 1 Tablespoon Kirkland Organic no salt seasoning 1 Tbs minced garlic (fresh or wet ready to use) 1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese ¼ Cup soft butter 1¼ Tsp salt Coating 1 Cube melted butter Sea salt Garlic powder

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Directions Mix ingredients for sponge, cover and put in a warm draft free place. When sponge is developed, mix the dough ingredients in a stand mixer bowl with flat blade. Change to dough hook, add sponge and run dough hook about six minutes. Stop as needed to remove dough from hook if dough is just going round and round. Varying speed can also help prevent sliding. Add flour or water as needed to achieve slightly stiff dough. Place on floured board and kneed for several minutes until pliable. Roll into a rectangle about six inches wide and 5/8 inches thick. With a sharp knife cut strips about 6” X 5/8” X 5/8”. There should be about twenty pieces. On a board, roll these by hand into cylinders about nine inches long. Place on greased cookie sheet, or jelly roll pan with about one inch between each stick. Cover and let rise until double in size. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with sea salt. Place in preheated 400 degree F oven and bake for about 12 minutes, or until light brown. Remove and brush again with butter and sprinkle again with salt, then with garlic powder. Allow to cool before serving. If sourdough starter is not available, substitute the sponge with 1 Tbs dry yeast, ½ cup warm milk, ¼ cup warm water and 1 cup bread flour. Mix together and let rest until the yeast is foamy, and then proceeds as if it were sponge.