Pizza Panini

Pizzi Panini Submitted by becciquinn
Pizzi Panini Submitted by becciquinn
Cuisinart original

This panini is a quick alternative to a homemade calzone – the kids will love it!


Makes 2 panini


½ tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 4 slices crusty Italian bread (about 1 inch thick) ¼ cup thick marinara sauce, strained if necessary 4 ounces sliced part-skim mozzarella or provolone thinly sliced pepperoni (optional) thinly sliced vegetables such as mushrooms or peppers (optional)

Nutritional information

Calories 360 (49% from fat) • carb. 26g • pro. 20g • fat 19g • sat. fat 9g • chol. 50mg • sod. 940mg • calc. 486mg • fiber 1g


Preheat the Cuisinart® Griddler® Jr. in the closed position to high while assembling panini. Brush each slice of bread with olive oil. Place two slices of bread on work surface, oiled side down. Top with sauce, spreading to within ½ inch of edges. Arrange cheese slices over sauce; add pepperoni and/or vegetables, if using. Top with second slice of bread, oiled side up. Arrange panini evenly spaced on the bottom grill plate of the preheated Griddler®; apply light pressure to handle for about 30 seconds. Grill panini for 4 to 4½ minutes, or until crust is crispy with well marked with grill lines, and filling is hot. Remove panini; let rest for 5 minutes on a wire rack. Cut in half on the diagonal; serve warm.