Pizza Dough

Cuisinart original


Makes ¾ pound dough (one 14-inch pizza; two 9-inch pizzas)


1½         teaspoons active dry yeast

1            teaspoon granulated sugar

2⁄3         cup warm water (105°f to110°f)

12⁄3       cups bread flour (you may substitute unbleached, all- purpose flour)

¾           teaspoon kosher salt

1            teaspoon olive oil

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per single-crust serving (based on 8 servings):

Calories 92 (6% from fat) • carb. 19g • pro. 3g • fat 1g sat. fat 0g • chol. 0mg • sod. 214mg • calc. 1mg • fiber 0g


Active Time: 30 minutes

Inactive Time: 1 hour


  1. In a liquid measuring cup dissolve the yeast and sugar in warm water. Let stand until foamy, about 5 minutes. (Note: If the yeast does not get foamy within 10 minutes, that means that it is not active and you should toss it and start again with new yeast.)
  2. Insert the chopping blade into the work bowl of the food processor. Add the flour, salt and olive oil to the bowl and pulse a few times to combine. With the machine running on Low, pour the liquid mixture through the feed tube as fast as the flour absorbs it. Process until the dough cleans the sides of the work bowl and forms a ball. Continue to process for 30 seconds to knead the dough. Dough should be slightly sticky.
  3. Lightly dust a large mixing bowl with flour. Add dough and cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let rise in a warm, draft-free place for about 1 hour; dough should double in size.
  4. Place dough on a lightly floured surface and gently fold over to “punch” down. Form into desired crust size(s) as directed by recipe.