One Eggcellent Sandwich

This is our favorite breakfast sandwich. My son. Spencer (10) named it One EGGcellent Sandwich because once he thought he was peeling a hard boiled egg and when he cracked it open, it was raw. It went all over him. Now he always says, "Mom, that was one EGGCELLENT SANDWICH!"




1 Bagel or English Muffin
1 Egg (cooked to your liking)
2 strips of bacon (cooked)
1 slice of deli ham
1 slice of cheese (your choice)
Frozen Hashbrowns

Nutritional information

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1. Cook ¼ cup of frozen hash browns according to package
2. Cook bacon to your liking
3. While bacon is cooking, start your egg
4. Cook egg how you want it
5.Toast Bagel or English Muffin
6. Layer Egg, ham, bacon, hash browns then cheese on your bread