Grill Pizza

This dish sounds impossible, but after a few tries you'll find it easy and versatile. Explore with toppings. No end to the toppings that will work with experimentation. Fun to impress guests with pizza on the grill. It's fast and tasty.




Pizza dough Oil or oil spray Topping(s): cheese(s). Cheese is optional

Nutritional information



Roll or spread pizza dough on an olive-oiled cookie sheet or pizza pan. (Pizza dough is found in bags at most grocery stores) Prepare a "smooth" topping: basil pesto whipped with nuts, mint, salt, pepper, etc. Ready for spreading. Toppings vary. Tomato, sun-dried tomatoes, any vegetable that can be grill roasted (preferably) and then whipped in a blender/processor. Get grill to MEDIUM-to-LOW heat. Spray hot grill with oil-based prep. Place dough on hot grill. Cover for five minutes. Flip dough and immediately apply spread. Cover for five minutes. Top with favorite melting cheese (white American is best) or salumi slices, and cover for additional one or two minutes, if desired. Cut pizza rustica and serve.