Breakfast Tortas

Cuisinart original
If you like spicy, add extra heat by using hot, smoked Spanish chorizo.


Makes 2 tortas


1 tablespoon vegetable oil, divided

4 eggs

2 Kaiser rolls, cut in half lengthwise

½ avocado

2 ounces Spanish chorizo, thinly sliced on the bias

2 tablespoons store-bought green salsa, plus more for serving

2 slices Monterey Jack cheese


Nutritional information


Nutritional information per serving (one torta): Calories 789 (59% from fat) carb. 42g • pro. 39g fat 52g • sat. fat 18g • chol. 435mg • sod. 1229mg calc. 482mg • fiber 4g



1. Turn on the Cuisinart® Griddler®. Select Griddle and set to 350°F. 2. Once preheated, drizzle 2 teaspoons of the vegetable oil onto the bottom plate. Crack the eggs onto the bottom plate. Set the count-up timer to 5 minutes. At the 3-minute mark (when the egg whites are set and opaque), flip the eggs. When time expires, transfer 2 of the eggs to the bottom of each roll. Reserve. 3. While the eggs are cooking, divide the avocado evenly between the inside surfaces of the 2 tops of bread. Use a fork to smash into an even layer. Reserve. 4. When the eggs finish cooking, put the chorizo on the bottom plate and close the grill. Set the temperature to 425°F. Once preheated, transfer the chorizo to the top of the eggs in an even layer. 5. Drizzle each sandwich with 1 tablespoon of the salsa. Top with one slice of cheese and the top of the bun with the smashed avocado. 6. Brush the tops of each sandwich with the remaining oil. Transfer the two sandwiches to the Griddler®. Close the Griddler® and set the count-up timer. Lightly press down on the sandwiches for about 20 seconds. Cook for about 4 minutes total, until the cheese is melted and the tops are lightly golden and grill marks are visible. 7. Remove from Griddler® and let cool slightly. Cut in half on the bias. Serve with more salsa on the side.