Indian drink - bhang/thandia

Thandai - bhang -holi drink Submitted by Thandai -bhang -harvest drink
Thandai - bhang -holi drink Submitted by Thandai -bhang -harvest drink
It is traditional harvest indian drink with great aroma and spices.




2 tablespoon poppy seeds 4 green cardamom 2 tablespoons rosewater 2 cup water, adjust as thickness you like 1 tablespoon fennel seeds 1½ teaspoon whole black pepper ½ cup almonds 1½ cup Milk 4 tablespoons Sugar

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Boil water.put off flame and put almonds in it. As water get bit cold, peel skin off the almond, grid black pepper, fennel seeds, poppy seeds and cardamon. Also make almond paste using little water. Add spices and ½ cup water with almonds. Blend into smooth paste. Add 1 cup sugar and grind again. Strain mixture fine strainer or cloth. Mix liquid, milk and rose water. It is ready to serve over crushed ice and decorate with rose petal.