Halloween Blood Punch

This punch recipe is easily adaptable for larger groups and you may exchange kiwi for any green, blue or yellow juice. If you're looking to make this an adult only punch feel free to add 1/5 vodka of your choice. I buy Halloween theme cups and that adds the final touch to make this recipe a Halloween favorite at parties.


8 - 10


16 oz Cranberry punch 16 oz Pomegranate Juice 16 oz Cherry Juice 16 oz Kiwi Juice 64 oz Ginger ale Ice cubes Several Ice trays Jar olives Small bag gummy worms Small box raisins (you can use any edible small treats that simulate bugs worms eyeballs etc.)

Nutritional information

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Fill ice trays with water and place one item (olive, gummy worms, raisins, etc) in each cube. You may break the gummy worms in half so they fit better. Freeze and repeat till you get approx. 100 cubes. Mix all of the juices together and refrigerate till time of use. Pour the juice mixture into the punch bowl filling it to just below ¾ full. Add ginger ale float and ½ of prepared ice cubes in punch bowl. Place the extra ice cubes in an ice bucket for individual use in cups.