Creamy Iced Coconut Coffee

Creamy Iced Coconut Coffee


Canned or shelf stable coconut milk can be used for this refreshing coffee drink, but the results will be quite a bit different. Canned coconut milk is thicker, so less needs to be used than the shelf stable variety. Follow our guidelines for the perfect combination.


  • 6ice cubes*
  • 2ounces canned coconut milk (or 4 ounces shelf stable coconut milk)
  • 8ounces chilled coffee (or 6 ounces if using shelf stable coconut milk)
  • Sweetener (optional)
  • Flaked coconut, for garnish (optional)

  • *For a more intense iced coffee experience, use coffee ice cubes. To prepare, fill a clean ice cube tray with coffee and freeze overnight. When they melt, your coffee will not be diluted.


  1. 1.Put all of the ingredients into a chilled tall glass. Stir in sweetener and top with flaked coconut, if using.
  2. 2.Serve immediately.