Café Latte

Cuisinart original

The classic coffee shop beverage made simple at home, just steam your milk and
pour over your freshly brewed espresso and top with a thin layer of foam.


Makes 1 serving


1     espresso capsule
½    cup milk (dairy or nondairy)

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Put the espresso capsule into the unit.
2. Put the milk into a heatproof mug. Hold
the mug in one hand and place under the
steam wand so the bottom of the wand
is just below the surface of the milk at an
angle. Select the Steam function and press
the START/STOP knob to start steaming.
While holding the mug at an angle, allow
the steam to move the milk around.
Once the milk begins to increase in volume,
lift the mug up higher so the steam wand
immerses deeper into the milk (this will
prevent large bubbles from forming and
will make a nice fine milk foam). When the
foam has almost reached the top of the
mug and you can feel that the milk in the
mug is quite hot, press the START/STOP
knob to stop steaming. Tap the mug a few
times to remove any larger bubbles.
3. Place one mug underneath the brew head
and select Single Espresso. Once the
espresso has finished brewing, slowly pour
the steamed milk into the mug with the
4. Serve immediately.