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Iced Tea

Double brewing tea makes for a delicious iced tea. Serve immediately over ice or chill in the refrigerator. The recipe below calls for black tea, but any tea can be iced. Teas and tastes vary - so feel free to experiment with the amount of tea to use to find your favorite strength. Doubling works well for black tea, but go a little less for green."


4 cups cold water
9 teaspoons loose black tea (or 9 tea bags)
ice cubes


Fill the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper & Kettle with water to the 4-cup marking. Put the tea into the tea infuser. Insert the tea infuser into the infuser holder and lock in the raised position. Insert raised steeping assembly into kettle. Turn the kettle on, select the Black setting (Boil - 212°F) and press Temp Start. Once the water reaches temperature, the timer will display 4 minutes. Lower the tea infuser into the heated water by turning the steeper lid to the DOWN position. Press Time Start to begin countdown. Once the time has elapsed, turn unit off and raise the tea infuser from the water by turning the steeper lid to the UP position. Remove the tea infuser from the kettle and add ice, about 2 standard trays or 24 ice cubes. Cover with kettle lid for serving. To serve, pour into tall glasses of ice or put kettle in refrigerator to chill completely.

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Makes four 8-ounce drinks

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This recipe can be prepared using the following Cuisinart® products:
PerfecTemp™ Programmable Tea Steeper & Kettle

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