Wild Mushroom Napoleon

Wild Mushroom Napoleon with Pheasant Mousse, Foie Gras & Black Truffles on a Pinot Noir Thyme Demi-Glace.




1 sheet flaky savory pastry (Pate feuillete) cut into Four 10 x 6 cm rectangles 2 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves 30 Fresh Spinach leaves 2 cups of fresh wild mushrooms (½ cup each of Black Trumpet, Chanterelle, Matsutake & Hedgehog) 1 whole shallot 1 egg beaten 1 Fresh Black Truffle 2½ oz. of Pheasant Mousse (recipe follows; prepare in advance)* 4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil & unsalted butter blend White Pepper Sea Salt Veal Demi-Glace (recipe follows; prepare one or two days in advance)* ¼ cup Pinot Noir

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Pre-Heat Oven to 325°F. Bake Pastry until 65% finished and remove from oven to cool. Rinse all Mushrooms well & pat very dry immediately. Remove stems and slice thickly (¼ inch). Keep all varieties separate and also cook separately. (Repeat each time (4) for each Mushroom variety): Heat 1 tablespoon. Olive Oil & Butter Blend in Saute Pan. Quick blanch saute the Mushrooms with 1 tablespoon. of shallots and a subtle seasoning amount of white pepper & sea salt. Remove and strain liquid out. Set each mushroom variety aside separately. Blanch Spinach leaves in hot water very light and pat very dry. Lay out half-baked pastry sheets – Be very careful as pastry is extremely delicate; keep all moisture away from pastry. On bottom first layer of pastry, cover with one layer of blanched spinach leaves. On top of this place first sautéed mushroom pieces (Black Trumpet) evenly across the piece of pastry. Shave some black truffles on top of this. Then, another layer of spinach. Take cold foie gras and mold it onto a piece of wax paper to the size of the pastry piece and ¼ inch thick. Carefully peel off the foie gras placing it evenly on top of the spinach. Take the second piece of pastry and place it on top of the foie gras layer. Place a layer of spinach on this piece and then the second sautéed mushroom composition (Chanterelles) with some shaved black truffles on this and then another layer of spinach on top of that. Place the third piece of pastry on top of the last layer. Mold some cold pheasant mousse on a piece of wax paper the size of the piece of pastry ¼ inch thick just as done with the foie gras. Peel off of the wax paper carefully onto the third piece of pastry. Place an even layer of spinach leaves over the mousse and then the third sautéed mushroom composition (Hedgehog) on that. Shave some more black truffles on the mushrooms and then add another layer of spinach leaves onto that. Then place the last sautéed mushroom composition (Matsutake) on the spinach with the final piece of pastry placed on top. Place constructed Napoleon on a slightly buttered baking dish (make sure that it is stable and will remain upright through the baking process), lightly brush the top piece of pastry with the beaten egg mixture and cook @ 350 degrees until pastry is golden and mousse & foie gras is just firm (15 to 20 minutes – monitor closely) which should all be around the same time. While the Napoleon is finishing in the oven, finish the Sauce by reducing Pinot Noir & Shallots until almost dry. Add Demi-Glace and finish with some fresh thyme and a touch of butter whisked in at the very end before serving. Spoon sauce onto platter. Place finished Napoleon on top of sauce and then spoon a small amount of sauce onto the top of the Napoleon. *Demi-Glace Recipe: Roast 4 pounds of Veal bones and ½ cup of tomato paste in a roasting pan in the oven at 475 degrees until browned. Place roasted bones in a large stock pot with mirepoix (largely chopped carrots, onions & celery) 2 bay leaves, 2 sprigs of Thyme, 10 black peppercorns and ½ cup of Pinot Gris. Fill to almost the top of the pot with water and reduce over low heat simmering for 6 hours. Strain through a chinois or another fine strainer. Roast the same amount of Veal bones again in the same manner. Place roasted bones in stock pot with mirapoix, etc. and fill with originally reduced and strained Veal stock. Simmer and reduce for another 6 hours. Strain through a chinois or another fine strainer and let cool. This is the final Demi-Glace. *Pheasant Mousse Recipe: Ingredients: 1 lb. pheasant meat of legs & thighs boned and skinned (Cook the breast for dinner some night). 3 Shallots chopped ½ teaspoon sea salt & white pepper Egg whites from 3 eggs 2 cups heavy cream Method: Pick out any tiny bits of skin or bone and rough chop meat. Running the Cuisinart at medium speed, puree the shallots. Add the pheasant meat and pulse blend until well chopped. Scrape the bowl at least twice to get an even smooth mixture. Add the salt & pepper, egg whites and, with the motor running, add ½ of the heavy cream (1 cup) slowly. Scrape down. Add the second half of the cream (1 cup) in a steady stream. Scrape down. At this point the mixture should be perfectly smooth and stiff and hold its shape well. Cover with saran and set it in a bowl of ice in the refrigerator to chill well. It is then ready to use.