Wheat Berry & Vegetable Salad

Cuisinart original

This salad is a refreshing change as a side dish.


Makes 6 cups salad (12 servings)


1½ cups wheat berries 6 ¾ cups water 1½ tablespoons vegetable oil ¼ cup chopped red onion 1½ teaspoons Dijon-style mustard 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon kosher salt ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper ¼ cup white balsamic vinegar (or use a fruit flavored vinegar) ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 1⅓ cups cut corn (use frozen thawed) 1 cup shredded zucchini ¾ cup chopped red bell pepper ½ cup chopped green onion ⅓ cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

Nutritional information

Calories 110 (46% from fat) • carb. 15g • pro. 2g • fat 7g • sat. fat 1g • chol. 0mg • sod. 148mg • calc. 14mg • fiber 3g


Place wheat berries, water, and vegetable oil in Cooking Pot of Cuisinart Pressure Cooker. Cover and lock lid in place. Select High Pressure and set timer for 50 minutes. When audible beep sounds, turn off. Use Quick Pressure Release to release pressure. When float valve drops, turn off. Remove lid carefully, tilting away from you to allow steam to disperse. If grains are still a little chewy, select Simmer and cook until done to taste. Drain wheat berries and transfer to a large bowl. While cooking the wheat berries, prepare the dressing. Place the red onion, mustard, sugar, remaining ½ teaspoon salt, pepper, and vinegar in the work bowl of a food processor or mini food processor fitted with the metal chopping blade and process until smooth. Add the oil and process until emulsified. There will be about 7/8 cup dressing. When wheat berries are cooled, add ½ cup (or more to taste) of the dressing (cover and refrigerate remaining dressing for another use), and toss to coat. Add the corn, zucchini, red pepper, green onion, and sun-dried tomatoes. Toss gently to combine. Add the parsley; toss to combine. If not serving immediately, cover and refrigerate. Remove from refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.

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