Veg Appetizers

veggie fish Submitted by chocolate cake
veggie fish Submitted by chocolate cake
it's good for vegetarians. veggie fish is delicious in taste and simple to cook. it is a new kind of appetizer that people can have during dinners or lunch.


serves 4-5 pieces


boiled potatoes smash it properly add salt, spices in it cabbage leafs coriander and cheese organic spices

Nutritional information

per piece gives better taste and provides veg nutritions of cabbage and potatoes.


put boiled potatoes mixture inside the cabbage leafs and roll it. close it with threads so that no mixture should spread outside the roll. cook the rolls in steam. after steaming, fry the rolls on the pan. after frying, decorate it with cheese, coriander leafs and organic spices. serve the hot and delicious veggie fish. cut the fish into square pieces and have it with the toothpick.