Thai Sticky Wings

Submitted by Gina Caputo:
Submitted by Gina Caputo:
Sweet Tangy Panko Baked Wings With A Kick of Spice




Wings: 2lbs Chicken Wings 2 Cups Panko ½ Cup Sliced Almonds 2 Cups Flour 3 eggs Coconut Oil Spray (or any canned spray would work) Salt and Pepper Sauce: ½ Cup Sweet Chili Sauce ½ Cup Water ¼ Cup Brown Sugar ¼ Cup Soy Sauce 2 Tbs Seasoned Rice Vinegar 2 Tbs Lime Juice 1 Tsp Ginger- Fresh Grated 1 Clove Garlic Minced ¼ Tsp Red Pepper Flakes Optional Cilantro For Garnish

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In a food processor put 2 cups of panko crumbs and ½ cup of sliced almonds until it becomes fine crumbs. After seasoning with salt and pepper dip the wings in flour, eggs then the panko/almond mixture. Refrigerated the chicken wings on a greased pan for about 15 mins for the coating to set. After refrigerated spray the tops with coconut oil spray and bake in a 425 degree oven for 20 mins, flipping them half way through the cooking time. While they bake make the sauce in a med size sauce pan on the stove. Combine all sauce ingredients at med-high heat until boiling, then lower to medium heat for 7-8 mins until thickened. slightly cool the sauce then dipped each chicken wing until coated. Sprinkle with optional cilantro for garnish.