This salsa makes a nice presentation and tastes wonderful. It's also an easy dish to take on the boat as it doesn't need refrigeration for several hours.




1 15 oz. can Black Beans 4 fresh Tomatillos 2 small avocados 5 green onions 5 cloves garlic 3 ears fresh sweet corn OR equivalent amount of frozen corn may be substituted 1 Tbsp. canola oil ½ teaspoon. kosher salt ¼ teaspoon. fresh ground pepper ¼ teaspoon. ground cumin ⅛ teaspoon. chili powder ¼ teaspoon. Morton's Nature's Seasons all-purp. seasoning (I can't live without this!) Juice of ½ fresh lime 4 medium tomatoes, seeded and medium diced - canned variety work fine

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Drain & rinse black beans and set aside. Remove husks from tomatillos, wash & cut into medium dice and set aside. Clean green onions, removing most of green end, & slice into thin slices. Cut avocados in half, remove pit and score flesh horizontally and vertically into medium size dice w/ paring knife just to the skin. Take a soup spoon and scoop out avocado into a bowl. Squeeze juice of fresh lime over avocado to keep from browning and set aside. Remove husks and silk from corn and using sharp chef's knife, slice off fresh corn kernels from ears of corn. Peel garlic and roughly chop. In a medium saute pan, heat oil over medium to medium high heat and toss in tomatillos, onions, garlic and the corn. Saute a few minutes then add seasonings, stirring to incorporate. Turn heat down to medium and toss in the black beans & tomatoes and stir until heated through, about 4 minutes. Toss in the diced avocado and heat just till everything is warmed through. You have the option of turning up the heat by adding a diced jalapeno or a poblano pepper. Serve with tortilla chips or make it a main vegetarian entree and serve it in butter lettuce as a lettuce wrap. Healthy and delicious!