Potato Pancakes (latkes)

The pancakes should be crisp on the outside and soft in the center. Enjoy with apple sauce or sour cream


25 small


4 Large potatoes or equivalent 1 Large Onion "sweet" 4 Large Eggs ¼ cup matzo meal 2 Tablespoons kosher salt 1 Package Lipton's onion soup mix Peanut oil for frying Salad spinner 2 very large bowls

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


Use a russet type potatoes. Wash and dry completely. It is not necessary to peel. Set up food processor or grater, if using a food processor use the grating attachment for everything. In a large bowl combine eggs and seasoning and beat lightly. First grate the onion, and add to the eggs combining completely, now grate the potatoes placing them in large bowl of cold water cover completely with water work in small batches, until all are grated and under water, rinse and place in salad spinner "small batches" potatoes must be completely dry. Add to onion and egg mixture, add matzo meal, mix to combine, work quickly. When all are combined use slotted serving spoon to scoop up mixture using the palm of your hand squeeze out liquid to form LATKE , drop into 375% peanut oil and fry till golden brown about 2-3 minutes a side. Place on cooling rack and salt lightly while hot. Tips use heavy bottom fry pan cast iron works best, be sure to maintain heat by not over crowding the pan.