Pizza Dip

Goal is to make the dish look like a pizza – you can even go to a pizza shop to get an empty pizza box for presentation




Not really any exact measurements but here goes: 1 12-16” round tray (I use glass but doesn’t matter) 2 packages cream cheese (low fat optional) 1 bottle cocktail sauce 1 package fresh imitation crab meat 1 small pkg cheddar cheese 1 small pkg Swiss cheese 1 can black olives (med) Couple handfuls fresh mushrooms Bunch of fresh scallions Super scoop chips for dipping

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Let cream cheese soften while you – Finely chop veggies and shred cheeses, then set all aside Make “Crust” by pressing and spreading cream cheese (about ½” to ¾” deep) onto bottom of tray (leave a little space around edges so it looks like pizza crust) Spread cocktail sauce enough to generously cover cream cheese (again leaving a little space around outer circle so “crust” shows on outside edge) Pull apart pieces of crab meat and drizzle on top of sauce Sprinkle cheeses on top next – no particular order, can mix all together Sprinkle various veggies on top of cheese so that they all show and look like pizza toppings Be sure to leave enough time to soften if you refrigerate before party… Place “pizza” in pizza box and surround with chips for serving Substitute other pizza toppings to taste!