Peaches and Burrata

Submitted by Dana El Assaad:
Submitted by Dana El Assaad:


1 serving


• Half peach, cut into quarters (4 pieces)
• Burrata 2 oz
• Baguette, cut into crostini (2 pieces)
• Extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp
• Granulated sugar as needed
• Watercress ½ oz
• Ground black pepper, pinch
• Brunoise chives, 1 Tbsp
• Aged balsamic , 1 teaspoon

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Brush baguette with olive oil and season with salt then grill on one side for grill marks, about 20 seconds
2. Toss peach slices in sugar and grill over high heat until it caramelizes.
3. Place watercress on the grilled crostini, top it with a spoon full of burrata
4. Put the burrata crostini under a salamander or in a slightly preheated oven to melt burrata a bit
5. Add the grilled peaches (2 pieces per crostini) on top of the burrata.
6. Season with droplets of aged balsamic, chives and ground black pepper