Nova Lox & Baby Dill Stuffed Camembert


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1 creamy but firm Camembert cheese ⅛ lb. Nova Lox sprig of fresh baby dill

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This is a really simple but unique way to use Camembert cheese. With help from another person, use a short piece of clean fishing line, to cut through the Camembert so you have two halves. Cut the Nova Lox into small ¼ inch pieces and layer some of the lox onto the cheese. Cut some fresh baby dill into short ¼ inch pieces and place the dill on top of the lox. Place the two halves of the Camembert back together. Plate the Camembert, adding a sprig of baby dill on top. Serve immediately or place in refrigerator for an hour. This will allow the flavors to blend together. When ready to serve, allow the Camembert to adjust to room temperature and serve with unsalted crackers or on fresh French baguette.