Mom's New Year's Day Mini Pizzas

My mother and father had a New Year's Day Party every year as far back as I could remember when I was living at home. Every year first all the neighbors would come over for 2 hours, and then Mom and Dad's good friends would come over for 2 hours. Mom would slave in the kitchen for days before New Year's Day in order to get all the different foods ready for the big event. The pull out table setting for 10 was full from one end to the other with food. My job was to carry around the appetizers. I would barely get around the corner of the kitchen before I was accosted by someone for another one of those delicious mini pizzas. Those days are long gone, but this is a great memory and tribute to my Mom, and I will cherish this for the remainder of my days!


40 pizzas


2 packages of your brand flaky biscuits 1 chopped pepper 1 bunch of scallions - chopped 1 pound grated sharp cheddar cheese 2 tablespoon of oil 1 (8oz.) can tomato sauce 2 tablespoon of mayo

Nutritional information



Open biscuit tube package, split layers of biscuit in half and place on greased cookie sheet. Bake until golden. While still warm, take round of a soup spoon and press down to make a depression. Take the remaining ingredients and mix together in a bowl. Put 1 teaspoon in each indent and bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes or less. Keep an eye on them and this is the part where you decide how cooked you want them. A toaster oven is easier to keep a view of the cooking mini pizzas.