Mexican/Taco Dip

A delicious and quick recipe that will make everyone a fan! No cooking necessary and minimal clean-up. Couldn't get much easier!


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*Ingredient amounts are based on using a large (12-14") round platter for serving. 16 oz low fat or fat free sour cream 2-3 Roma tomatoes 1 large green pepper 1 small jar of pimento-stuffed green olives 1 small can (4-6 oz) diced or chopped black olives 1 package (2 cups) finely shredded taco or jalapeno jack cheese 1 package taco seasoning Tortilla chips (The scoop kind or small rounds work best. The thin style will just break when you dip them.)

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Start by chopping or dicing your tomatoes and pepper. You don't want the pieces to be too large, or you won't get a variety of ingredients in each bite! Next, slice or chop your olives. Again, the smaller the pieces, the more ingredients in each bite. (However, if you have picky eaters, larger slices/pieces of the vegetables are easier to pick out!)

Dip: Spread sour cream evenly over the serving dish. Sprinkle half to ⅔ of the taco seasoning over the sour cream. Sprinkle ⅔ the cheese in the next layer. Tomatoes and peppers go on next in whichever order you like (If you do the peppers first, then the tomatoes, it is easier to see if you have missed any areas in the next step). Sprinkle your black olives and green olives over the top of your peppers and tomatoes. Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top. Sprinkle the remaining taco seasoning over the cheese.

You can serve immediately or refrigerate for a short time before serving. Don't leave it in the fridge for more than 1½ - 2 hours or the sour cream will start to separate and get watery.