Mediterranean Delicioso

The perfect 'eat anytime, take anywhere, suited anyone' sandwich that can be portable or jazzed up for a special luncheon.


4 or as many as your leftover vegetables will stretch around.


Take all the leftover roasted vegetables from the night before: my preferred would be eggplant, French shallots or red onion, carrots of all colors, sliced potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, roasted garlic.
Crusty ciabatta or a baguette. This can be from up to 2 days ago.
Olive oil. A tangy, organic one such as Nuvo from California. Some burrata or fresh mozzarella..

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Slice the loaves lengthwise and brush both sides with the oil.
2. Layer the veggies with cheese sliced or spread depending on freshness. No need to season as the leftover veggies are already done to perfection.
3. Cook on the flat bed of your Griddler till it is golden brown. Eat while it is hot. Equally good cold.