Meat stuffed mini Football


4 people


• 1 pound lean ground beef
• 3 cups of bulgar wheat soaked draind and grinded
• 1 chopped onion and one finely minced
• 2 teaspoons of salt,½teaspoon black pepper,1 teaspoon turmeric powder,1 teaspoon allspice
• 4 cups of vegetable oil for frying

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. In a skillet brown the beef and add the chopped onions and half of the spices
2. Mix the rest of the spices with the bulgar wheat and form it into balls
3. With your finger make a whole and stuff it with the ground beef and close it and shape it into a football and get it ready for frying
4. Finally in a deep frying pan add your oil and heat it up on a stove at medium heat for about 10 minutes and start frying the footballs until golden brow and drain on paper towel to get the extra oil out and serve