Jalapeno Poppers


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30 large fresh jalapenos 1 block of cream cheese room temp 1 small block of sharp cheddar cheese - shredded or buy already shredded 2-3 eggs scrambled 3 cups corn flakes

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Instructions: Cut jalapenos lengthwise; scoop out seeds/white part with your thumb or small knife. Rinse jalapenos and place on paper towel ok to leave stem on Combine creme cheese and shredded cheddar cheese together in a bowl Beat eggs in shallow bowl set aside p Lace cornflakes in bag and smash into very small pieces using hands or a mallet place into a small bowl Meanwhile heat oven to 350 and set up an assembly line: in this order jalapenos, cheese mixture eggs, cornflakes, cookie sheets take jalapeno and fill with cheese mixture, place face down in egg, then face down in corn flake mixture. Turn upright and place on cookie sheet bake at 350° for 45 minutes until golden brown - enjoy Makes 60 jalapeno poppers