Hello Portabello Sandwich

This vegetarian sandwich will




Organic Portobello Mushrooms
Organic Arugula
Boursin Cheese w/Herbs
Olivade Tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Brush both sides and the insides of the Flatbread with Extra Virgin olive Oil
2.Using one piece of Flatbread, layer with washed and dried Arugula
3. Cut the Olivade Tomatoes vertically to create thin layers.
4.Place the Olivade Tomato layers on top of the Arugula.
5.Cut thin wedges of the Boursin Cheese and place on top of the Olivade Tomatoes.
6.Place the Portobello Mushrooms on top of the Boursin Cheese.
7.Drizzle a few drops of Extra Virgin olive Oil onto the Portobello Mushrooms.
8.Cover with the other slice of Flatbread.
9.Put the sandwich into the all new Griddller until it reaches the crispness you desire.