These are a hit as a snack at any gathering, but dress them up to look like a Mummy this Halloween!! Cocktail sausages and crescent rolls make this a perfect combo and FUN to eat!


30 to 50 individual sausages


2 packages crescent rolls (unperforated ones, the solid sheets) 1 package cocktail sausages mustard

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


Heat oven as directed on Crescent roll package. Cut crescent rolls into strips. Lay 1 sausage in each strip and wrap around haphazardly leaving room for the eyes. (the mummy should be wrapped to where it looks like it has a head and a body) Place on baking sheet and bake until rolls are browned and sausages are warm. Dot 2 mustard 'eyes' on each mummy & serve!