Greek Cheese Pie - Tiropita

This is a delicious, traditional Greek dish that is full of flavor and can be paired with just about anything!




½ lb feta cheese, crumbled well 1 cup small curd cottage cheese ¼ (or to taste) finely chopped fresh dill 5 eggs, beaten 1 stick salted butter 1 stick unsalted butter 1 lb phyllo dough, thawed 1 9x12 glass rectangular baking dish 1 pastry brush

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Crumble feta well and mix with cottage cheese, stir. Add beaten eggs and dill, stir. In a pot, melt and clarify both sticks of butter. Open phyllo dough package and lay dough flat, covering with damp towel so dough doesn't dry out. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Using pastry brush, coat dish with butter to prevent sticking. Lay one sheet of phyllo dough in pan, edges hanging over. Brush dough with butter. Lay another sheet of dough in pan, and brush with butter. Repeat until you have used half of the dough. Spread feta mixture in pan. Lay a sheet of dough over mixture, edges hanging over. Butter the dough and lay another sheet of dough over, repeating butter and dough process until all dough is used. Be sure to butter the last sheet of dough. Using a sharp knife, trim off excess dough, leaving about a ½ edge up the side of the pan. Important: before baking, cut into squares, only cutting through the top layers (not all the way through the bottom). Bake at 350° for 45-60 minutes, until the phyllo is golden brown. Once cooled, cut the pieces through to the bottom and serve.