Fried Green Tomatoes With A Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Fried Green Tomato with a Balsamic Reduction Submitted by Stephanie Schafer
Fried Green Tomato with a Balsamic Reduction Submitted by Stephanie Schafer


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Balsamic Reduction: 2 cup Balsamic Vinegar 2 Tbsp Honey ¼ cup sugar Fried Green Tomatoes: 3 good size green tomatoes ¼ inch slices 2 eggs beaten 1 cup Italian bread crumbs 1 tablespoon parsley 1 tablespoon oregano ¼ cup fresh grated parmesan cheese ½ cup olive oil

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In a small sauce pan over medium high heat combine all ingredients for the balsamic reduction. Cook until boiling then turn heat down to medium stirring occasionally. When you notice the mixture thickening, remove from heat. This should take about a ½ hour. Transfer mixture to a small container and place in fridge to continue to thicken and ready for use. On a large plate mix bread crumbs, parsley, oregano and parmesan cheese and set aside. Have your beaten eggs in a dish large enough to coat your tomatoes. Dip your tomato in the egg mixture until completely coated and then transfer to crumb mixture with tongs. Coat tomato evenly with bread crumbs. Pour ½ cup olive oil into a frying pan and Heat your frying pan over medium-medium high heat. When frying pan is heated up add your tomatoes. Make sure you only add enough to the point that they don't touch. Fry long enough till they are a nice golden color and then flip the tomato and do the same from the other side. Once tomatoes are cooked set on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Serve 1-2 tomatoes on a plate and drizzle with the balsamic reduction.