Crispy Chickpeas

Cuisinart original

Quickly transform a plain can of chickpeas into a crispy snack.


Makes about 4 servings


1    can (15.5 ounces) chickpeas, drained and blotted dry, about
1½ cups
      olive oil, for spraying
¼   teaspoon kosher salt
¼   teaspoon ground cumin
      pinch freshly ground black pepper

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (¼ cup):
Calories 75 (13% from fat) • carb. 14g • pro. 3g • fat 1g • sat. fat 0g • chol. 0mg sod. 275mg • calc. 20mg • fiber 3g


1. Place the AirFryer Basket into the Baking/Drip Pan. Put the chickpeas into
basket and spray liberally with oil. Sprinkle with the salt, cumin and pepper.
2. Put the assembled basket into rack Position 2 and select AirFry. Set the
temperature to 350°F for 15 minutes, cooking until chickpeas are fragrant
and lightly browned.
3. Serve immediately.