Blue Cheese Pecan Spread

This is a wonderful spread that can be served to a few or many. You can prepare containers of several sizes and freeze. Very versatile.


4 - 6


4-6 oz. Blue Cheese 4 oz. Neufchatel Cream Cheese ½ cup finely chopped pecans 1-2 Tbsp. milk

Nutritional information

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1. Fine chop pecans in Cuisinart and set aside. 2. Place blue cheese and cream in chunks in Cuisinart and process until smooth. 4. Add milk as needed. 5. Add ¼ cup pecans and mix on and off until combined. 6. Spread in serving dish and top with remaining pecans. 7. Serve with crackers and grapes on the side. 8. Recipe can be multiplied depending on number served.