Bean Dip

A scoopable dip you've never tried before, perfect for parties, brunch, appetizer or just for a snack!


1/2 bag of dried bean soup mix 1 jar of artichoke hearts 5 Jalapeno Slices w/juice 1/8 tsp red pepper 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp olive oil 3 cloves of minced garlic

Nutritional information

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Soak dried bean soup mix in 2 qt. sauce pan with water 1/2 the pan of water. Drain and rinse. Add water back in and Cook for 2 hours. Move to mixer or blender add artichoke hearts, Jalapeno slices, and red pepper. Mix/blend until smooth, add lemon juice, olive oil and minced garlic and blend until smooth. Enjoy!