Baked brie with chicken, red peppers and broccoli

This is a very elegant appetizer for any cook. Serving this will make any cook look like a pro!




Chicken Topping 1 cooked chicken breast chopped fine ¼ cup red pepper chopped fine ½ cup Broccoli florets chopped fine ¼ cup finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1 clove Garlic minced pinch of salt ¼-½ cup of mayonnaise (eyeball it -- you want it just a little wet and mixed) Brie Base 2 tubes of Crescent Rolls 1 round of baby brie with the rind attached

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Heat oven to the temperature on the crescent roll package. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Unfold one crescent roll package keeping the dough all together. Gently press the seams together to make a rectangle about ⅛" thick. Place the brie (rind and all) in the center of the dough. Mix all of the ingredients together for the chicken topping in a bowl and then cover the top of the brie with chicken mixture to about ½" thick. Fold up the sides and pinch at the top to close. Unwrap the 2nd crescent roll package and unroll so you have the individual triangles. "Decorate" the sides and top of the brie with the remaining dough by using a cookie cutter to cut out shapes (vary it for the holidays -- leaves/turkeys and pumpkins for the fall) Bake for 15-20 minutes until the crust is golden brown and a sharp knife is inserted easily (it will feel melted inside). Serve immediately. This can be served as-is or put on to small toast points. A few cold grapes and strawberries next to it on a plate make it a perfect appetizer.