Artichoke Pizza



apprx. 12


1)Marinated Artichokes (I use about ¼ of the large jar bought at Sams Club) 2)Approximately 1 cup of Best Foods Mayonnaise 3)Approximately 1 cup Shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese 4)Boboli Thin Pizza (I don't use the sauce)

Nutritional information

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Cut Artichokes into bite size pieces or any size you want. Make sure you get some of the juice for flavor. Put into large bowl then add Shredded cheese and mayonnaise and mix good. You can add a little more artichoke juice from jar if you like. Make the mixture somewhat soft and spreadable. Kind of like a soft cream cheese. Spread onto the Boboli Pizza thinly but covered. Of course if you like it thick and gooey spread more onto the pizza bread before baking. Bake as directed on Boboli package. The top should be a little golden brown around the edges but not brown all over.