Aloha Fruit Dip

A wonderful dessert for that hot summer meal.




12 macaroons, crushed in small pieces ¼ cup firmly packed light brown sugar 1 pint sour cream of choice 1 large pineapple Assorted berries of choice Seedless green grapes Peaches, sliced

Nutritional information



Mix together macaroons, sugar, and sour cream. Chill several hours to soften macaroon crumbs. DO NOT stir again or macaroons crumbs will break into small pieces.
Slice a cap-shaped piece off the top of pineapple, about 1 inch below bottom of leaves. Hollow out center of pineapple with sharp knife. Leave a firm shell to put the macaroon sauce into. [About 1 inch or slightly less] Cut fruit into small chunks, discarding hard core that runs down the center. Fill pineapple shell with macaroon mixture. Replace pineapple top if you like. Place in center of large platter lined with lettuce leaves. [for presentation ONLY]
Arrange pineapple chunks, and assorted berries, grapes and peaches in groups, around the pineapple. If you like, sprinkle fruit with kirsch or brandy. Other fruit to use, watermelon cubes, mango pieces, strawberries, crab-apples [the ones in a jar that are already for use, the color is spectacular], kiwi slices, And whatever fruit you like.