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A great appetizer. I used dried beef for the meat & just chop it up in there.
Submitted by cookiequeen

Jalapeño roll ups


1 pkg flour tortillas plain or flavored
2 8oz. pkgs cream cheese softened
3 or more jalapeños chopped fine remove seeds if you want less heat
5 of the carrots from the jalapeños chopped fine
1 can ripe olives chopped fine
some onion chopped fine
1 tsp garlic powder
any shredded cheese you like
I had sliced deli ham on it also
Optional Ingredients: cilantro, green onion. Anything you can think of


Mix all the chopped ingredients into the softened cream cheese.
Cut the sides of the tortillas to make them roll up better
Then spread the cream cheese mixture on them
Then add the meat if used
Roll up and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes
Then cut them into 1/2 inch serving size

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