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Caramel Apple Pie Apples

These are so easy to make and will impress your friends & family & your tummy too!!!"


6 granny smith apples
2 bags of caramels
2 bags of white chocolate morsels
Cinnamon sugar
Brown sugar


Wash and dry apples & bring to room temp.
Insert pop sticks into apples
Peel & melt caramels, then roll/dip the apples in caramel.
Cool completely till stiff
Melt white chocolate and coat caramel covered apples in white chocolate.
Roll double coated apples (caramel & chocolate) into a mix of cinnamon sugar and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Coat with cinnamon/ sugar mix before chocolate cools & hardens.
Put apples in fridge until cold and then eat off the stick or slice and serve!!!!

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6 whole apples or 48 slices

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