Açaí Bowl

Cuisinart original

Açai is a super antioxidant, giving an extra nutritious punch to this smoothie bowl.


Makes 1 serving


¾    cup frozen mango, divided
¼    cup frozen blueberries
1     ripe banana, broken into 2 to 3 pieces
1     teaspoon açai powder
½    cup rice milk (or any nondairy milk)
½    cup fresh berries
¼    cup granola and/or mixed nuts and seeds

Nutritional information

Calories 397 (15% from fat) • carb. 85g • pro. 8g • fat 5g • sat. fat 1g• chol. 0mg • sod. 52mg • calc. 27mg • fiber 9g


1. Put ¼ cup frozen mango, frozen blueberries, banana, açaí powder and the rice milk into
the blending cup. Secure the blade assembly.
2. Blend for about 10 to 20 seconds to blend ingredients. Add the remaining mango and
continue to blend for about 45 seconds until smooth.
3. Pour into a bowl and top with fresh berries and granola and/or mixed nuts and seeds.
4. Serve immediately.