Nonstick Slider Basket

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Grill up to nine juicy and flavorful sliders at once in the Cuisinart® Nonstick Slider Basket. Whether you’re grilling for your kids, or appetizers for adults, the basket is easy to use, turning nine 2.5 inch sliders at once for even grilling. Remove the basket cover to top with your favorite cheese, bacon, onions, or sauce for mouth-watering results. The sliders are easy to remove with a fork or tongs thanks to the ring design and professional grade nonstick coating. 


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  • Grill up to 9 mini slider burgers with a single turn
  • Easy to top with cheese or other fun toppings
  • Dishwasher safe non-stick coating
  • Elongated handle makes grilling easy and safe
  • Ring design allows for easy burger removal
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