Simply Grilling Nonstick Fish Filet Basket

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The Cuisinart® Nonstick Fish Basket is ideal for grilling delicate fish filets, preventing them from falling through traditional grill grates. Just place your seasoned or sautéed filet in the basket, lock the cover, and place the basket on the grate to start grilling! And there’s no need to worry about the filet sticking to the grill or breaking apart during turning thanks to the nonstick coating and convenient elongated heat-resistant handle. And since your food won't stick, cleaning after grilling is a breeze. 


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  • Ideal for grilling large filets and whole fish
  • Ensures fish is evenly cooked and never flakes or falls through the grates
  • Securely locks fish into place so filets do not fall out during grilling
  • Elongated heat-resistant handle provides comfortable turning
  • Professional grade non-stick coating ensures easy clean-up
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